Thursday, 13 July 2017

Report on Bundanoon DanceFest, 2017

The Ninth! is to be held at Bundanoon in the Southern Highlands of NSW on the Long Weekend in June 2017. That's June 9th - 11th. Be prepared for chill in the evenings and cross your fingers for fine days. The weekend of dance with live music is possible because of the fine dance callers and lead musicians and support musicians who come to the DanceFest.
The callers for 2017 are:
Norm Ellis, Arthur Kingsland, Jeanette Mill, Don Richmond, Simon Wall, Tony Northey, Heather Clarke, Roger Gifford & Christine Ridgway, Bruce Hamilton, Nesa Simon David, June Staunton, Ian Bull, Paul & Leslie Carr, Mark Simmons, Madis & Tiina Alvre, Bruce Lemin, Colin Towns, Cathy Richmond, Chris Taylor, and Keith Wood.

Lead musicians are:
Ray Mulligan, Ian Hayden, Miche Baker-Harvey, Dave Johnson, Rita Sosic, Bob McInnes, Roland Clarke, Helen Strutt, Ian Bull, Mariamma Mitchell, Sarah Bull, Margaret Anderson, Denise Hibbs & Robert Stephens, Beck Richmond, George Bolliger, and Ralph Pride.


Dancing the hornpipe with Colin Townes - featuring Roland Clarke on fiddle!

(Photos - Sandra Nixon)

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