Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bob Bolton photos taken at BMC events, 1970s

Among the treasures Bob has been bringing into the Hut as part of the transfer of BMC Library & Archives from the Boltons' spare bedroom was an envelope marked 

These pictures were taken when Bob had his own photographic studio.    

Thanks to Ann & Frank Maher & Dale Dengate for identifying participants.

2.  John Dengate in the wings

3.  Jacko Kevans. The young boy behind the piano could be his son Kieron. 
BMC has always been family-oriented & children were renowned for sleeping under chairs & pianos.(photo reference - 106-32)

4.  Visit of
Jim Buchannan, member of Victorian Folk Music Club (formerly Victorian Bush Music Club) to Sydney. (photo reference - 59A-24.) Jim was in the cast of the original Melbourne production of Reedy River in 1953.
Left to right - Eric Bolton, John Dengate, Alex Bowker, Jim, Dale Dengate
Jim Buchannan interviewed by Rob Willis

5.  Eric Bolton, John Dengate, Alex Bowker, Jim, Dale Dengate  
(photo reference - 59A-27)
6.  Left to right - Unknown man, Alweyna (Wendy), unknown Irishwoman, Elaine Thornhill,  guitar player, Mrs Collison   (photo reference - 104-6)

7.  John & Dale Dengate   
(photo reference 106-13)

8.  Dave Small, Ken Greenhaugh, John Dengate, Eric Bolton, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts 
(photo reference - 106-17)

9.  Dave Small, Ken Greenhaugh, Eric Bolton, Silvia & Tom Salisbury, Alan Scott  

(photo reference - 106-20)

10.  John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts, Eric Bolton

11.  John Dengate, Frank Maher

12.  John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Frank Maher, unknown man, unknown woman, Eric Bolton

BMC archives, all photos copyright Bob Bolton.

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  1. Hi the unknown man and woman in photo 12 is Noel Ricketts and Wilma Bolton