Tuesday, 6 January 2015

John Dengate memorial concert Nov 2013

Thanks to Ray Gurney for filming the proceedings.

Videos include:
Chris Woodland Intro to BMC John Dengate Memorial Concert
Dale Dengate & Friends ‘Little Fishies’
Miguel Heatwole
The Roweth Family
Ralph Pride
Peter Cahill
Chris Woodland reads ‘Prince Charlie’
BMC Concert Party
Chris Maltby ‘Terrorist Song’ & ‘Song of Childhood’
Tony Smith  video
CJ Shaw ‘Pete From Pitt St’ & ‘Train To Guilford’
Jamie Carlin – stories of John
Greg Quinn
Max Elbourne’s story of ‘The Foxtel Song’
Max Elbourne, Jason Roweth & Lachlan Dengate ‘Poker Machine Song’,
‘Poor Ned’ and ‘The Sheltered Workshop’

2 albums of photos

 John's books under the banner made by Dale in 1969

 MC Chris Woodland introduces the concert


 MC Chris Woodland  Prince Charlie


 MC Chris Woodland with Jamie Carlin 


Jamie Carlin


 Jamie Carlin

 Chris Maltby singing Terrorist Song & Song of Childhood

 CJ Shaw & Lachlan Dengate

 Helen Romeo

 Jason Roweth

 Lachlan Dengate, Max Elbourne & Jason Roweth  Poker Machine Song


 Max Elbourne & Jason Roweth

 Lachlan Dengate & Max Elbourne

  Lachlan Dengate, Max Elbourne & Jason Roweth Poor Ned

  Lachlan Dengate

Lachlan Dengate


 Lachlan Dengate, Max Elbourne & Jason Roweth

Max Elbourne   The Sheltered Workshop



  Max Elbourne

 The Life Members get their photo taken - 
Bob Bolton, Helen Romeo,  Jamie Carlin, Frank Maher, Ralph Pride


Miguel Heatwole

Miguel Heatwole

Miguel Heatwole

Miguel Heatwole

 Ralph Pride

Chloe & Jason Roweth

Chloe & Jason Roweth

 Eddy Sampson, Noel May, Bob Vickery

Cameron Ritchard, audience member

Brian Freeman & Ray Gurney

Chloe & Megan Roweth, Sandra Nixon, Dale Dengate, front Claire Doherty

 Naomi, Claire & Kerry Doherty

Photos - Sharyn Mattern 


photos - Sandra Nixon

Dale Dengate & Jamie Carlin singing Little Fishies

Peter Cahill singing Johnny Boy

Current & former members of Concert Party 
Ralph Pride, Sharyn Mattern, Eric Eisler, Helen Romeo, Jamie Carlin & Frank Maher, with Dale on spoons in the front row
Mudgee Waltz, Big Ben Pie

Kit Dengate watching her grandson Lachlan  

Kit Dengate with her daughters-in-law Kay & Dale

Chris & Virginia Woodland, Jamie Carlin & Frank Maher

Avis Hanning, Mathiana, audience member

Johnny Clough

Chris & Virgina Woodland & Lachlan Dengate

Helen Romeo with Susan & Jeffrey Ackroyd



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