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Bob Bolton Collection - BMC & Scouts - Concert Party at Scout Jamboree at Leppington, 10th October 1971.

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The Bush Music Club was involved with the Scouting movement from the 60s.
Bob's parents Ken & Grace Bolton had been scouting leaders since at least 1948. Ken designed a lagerphone striker & introduced lagerphones to Scouts, aka lollywaterphones (conversation with Bob)

Ken & Bob's older brother Eric brought Bob to the Club when he was around 16 years old. (Chris Woodland) c.1960/61

from the talk Frank Maher gave at 2012 National Folk Festival on our First Ten Years
- With the Concert Party our biggest audience ever was a performance at Bringelly for a World Jamboree of Scouts. There were 5000 Scouts in the audience.

1.   71010224   Frank Maher, John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts, Eric Bolton, Wilma Bolton

2.  71010226    John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts, Wilma Bolton, Eric Bolton

3.  71010232  
   John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Frank Maher, Noel Ricketts, Wilma Bolton, Eric Bolton

4.   71010234 
   John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts, Eric Bolton

5. this A3 photograph was removed from the walls of the Hut a few years ago


Songbooks in BMC library



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Tuesday, 18 February 2020

Reports on launches of Keith McKenry's biography of John Meredith, 2013 & 2014.

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Review by Dr Jennifer Gall in Sydney Morning Herald, 3rd October, 2013.

The initial launch was held at Dulwich Hill in conjunction with the Bush Music Club. Launches were also held at a number of festivals & clubs around the country.

available from Rosenberg Publishing
Among the 50 people at the launch were an original Bushwhacker (Alex Hood, with his wife Annette), the sons of the late Bushwhacker Alan Scott and his wife Gay, both founder members (Bill & Ashley), a grandson of Duke Tritton (Chris McLean), 2 close-to-foundation member from the 50s (Jamie Carlin & Frank Maher) and a group of members from the 50s-60s (Ronda Carlin, Ann Maher, Barbara & George Gibbons.)

Photos © Sandra Nixon

Annette & Alex Hood

2. Early members (middle) - Ronda & Jamie Carlin, George & Barbara Gibbons, Ann & Frank Maher





Back - Jamie & Ronda Carlin, front - George & Barbara Gibbons

8.  Keith & Alex

9. Frank Maher

Tom Bridges, son of Helen Bridges who wrote the tune for Ballad of 1891.

11.  John Derum

Other esteemed guests were Tom Bridges, the son of Doreen Bridges composer of the music to Ballad of 1891, Gabrielle Mackey from the National Folk Festival, & Mark Cranfield from the National Library.

The book was launched by John Derum, & entertainment was provided by Wongawilli, Alex Hood and Martin Fallding. 

12. Wongawilli

Decoration was provided by 3 timeworn old display boards & BMC's 2 banners made by Dale Dengate in 1968 & 2012.





Keith showed a grainy copy of the only movie the Bushwhackers made, a trilogy of 3 short film - Three in One by  Cecil Holmes   They appeared in the first story which was based on Henry Lawson's classic short story, The Union Buries it's Dead.




20. 1968 banner on the table

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Concert organised by Keith McKenry to lunch the book at Turning Wave Festival, Yass, September 2014

21.  Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves


23.  Chloe & Jason Roweth, Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves

25.  Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves

26.  John Warner & friends


28.  Chloe & Jason Roweth, Mike Martin

29. Chloe & Jason Roweth, Mike Martin, Roger Hargraves

30.  Chloe & Jason Roweth, Roger Hargraves

31.  Coolfin Mic

32.  Dingo's Breakfast

33. Dingo's Breakfast

34.  Roaring Forties

35.  Roaring Forties

36. Roaring Forties


38. Mike Martin

39. Keith & Merro's Possum Republic

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Sunday, 16 February 2020

From the Archives - Colonial Dance Music, original research by Anne Pidcock. Mulga Wire, Aug 1984, no.44, pp.4-5

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A few of the dances mentioned

The Sydney Exhibition Quadrille
Dr Leichhardt's March
The Rose Bay Quadrilles

The Cornstalk Polka

A checklist of Australian sheet music prints, 1834-c.1850

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Getting the Record Straight - The Bush Music Club Discography by Bob Bolton, 1983

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This Article originally appeared in Mulga Wire 39, October 1983, in the Singabout section


Getting the record straight - The Bush Music Club, A preliminary discography

Some time ago I saw a discography of Australian Folk Music on record, prepared by a Victorian folklorist. The Bush Music Club was only credited with one record and the groups which had formed the Club did not appear at all. I guess that NSW records didn’t get across the southern border very often (they were probably confiscated at the Fruit Fly Gate) so I started looking into my own collection of records and literature to round the number out. 

The following list is what I came up with for the Bush Music Club, the Bushwhackers Band (the original original!) and the Rambleers (a band formed of a breakaway group from the Bushwhackers after they broke up in 1957, with Alex Hood, Harry Kay and Chris Kempster.) I’d be very surprised if I have every record listed and I would love to hear from anyone who can add to the list or provide additional information, such as record catalogue numbers (e.g. Festival numbers for those records I only have Calendar - Festival’s re-release label - numbers for)or release dates and other details.

BUSH MUSIC CLUB (Concert Party)Songs from the Shearing Sheds

Songs And Poems of Australia 

(With various other artists ) CALENDAR R66-577

Dinki! Di! We (do) love singing Fair Dinkum Aussie Songs

(THE BEST): 10th Anniversary Album (FESTIVAL FL31’526 (1964 ) (CALENDAR R66l96)
Title depends on which side of the jacket you read!
Poems in Music, Henry Lawson Poems set to music by the Bush Music Club  (1966?)
FESTIVAL: Mono; FL32—282; Stereo, SFL932-282 CALENDAR R66-587 (St)SR66-9,587

True Blue Songs of the Outback
(1974) FESTIVAL L4552314

(Repackaging of Songs From The Shearing Shed & Dinki Di! as double L.P.

20 Golden Hits
(1980) FESTIVAL L-25365

(Re-mastering of twenty tracks from earlier B.M.C. L.P.s)

The Bush Music Club
  7” 45 rpm FESTIVAL FX 10-163

16,000 miles from Home  FESTIVAL FX 10-459

Nine Miles from Gundagai FESTIVAL FX 100-464 Jamie Carlin queries whether these were issued. Tracks weren’t new work.
The Bushwhackers (Founding group of the Bush Music Club)

The Bullockies' Ball & The Drovers' Dream
  WATTLE ‘78’ A 1

Travelling down the Castlereagh & Australia's on the Wallaby 
WATTLE ‘78’ A 2

The Old Bullock Dray & Nine Miles from Gundagai.
  WATTLE ‘78’ A 3

Botany Bay & Click Goes the Shears
Black Velvet Band & The Hut that's Upside Down WATTLE ‘78’ A11

Australian Bush Songs
(1957 ) WATTLE Microgroove B I
Release on 7” Microgroove 331/3 rpm of tracks from above ‘78s
The Hut That’s Upside Down, Australia’s On The Wallaby, Click
Go The Shears, Black Velvet Band and Drover’s Dream.

Jamie Carlin “There is a bit of controversy about this disc. The content is a selection of material previously rejected by the Bushwhackers as unsuitable for publication.
(Not my observation: the tracks appear to be re-releases of previous LP tracks:
Bob Bolton)

The Shearers' Band  (The Bushwhackers)

The Bushwhackers “re-formed” in 1959 with a slightly altered line-up, as a part of the Club’s larger Concert Party. It was this group which made “The Shearers’ Band” record but within a short time ceased to perform as the Bushwhackers.The Shearer's Band HARMONY
Waltzing Matilda, Nine Miles From Gundagai, Botany Bay, Click Go The Shears.
Issued by David Jones for “Wool Week”, 1959.

The Rambleers
The Old Bark Hut 
WATTLE 78 rpm

Included Another Fall Of Rain, Maranoa Drovers, Dying Stockman, Lazy Harry’s, Euabalong Ball (?) and a mouthorgan solo by Harry Kay.

It is also worth mentioning the Cast record of the original (1953-1955) Sydney production of Reedy River ; DIAPHON (? [… c. 1955]). This included John Meredith, Cec Grivas and other members of the Bushwhackers. The record was later re-released by W & G Records.

I hope this information has helped get the record straight; I also hope it has sent you off to check your own records. If we get enough information, this might be a useful addition to our forthcoming Anecdotal History of the Bush Music Club.

Assistance received to date from Jamie Carlin has been invaluable.


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