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TSDAV's full program Portarlington 'Spring Dance' Weekend, 8-10th Nov 2019.

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Dance events info
Dear dance colleagues - for your information -
I am attaching the TSDAV's full program brochure for our Portarlington 'Spring Dance' Weekend (8 - 10th Nov.)
containing all the details of workshop presenters etc.
(just to make sure that you are 'in the loop')
I am also attaching (again for your information) our "Dance Diary Dates" flyer,
which also lists other forthcoming major dances/Balls in Victoria. 

enquiries - Norm Ellis (for TSDAV)

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60 years of the Victorian Folk Music Club (est 1959 as the Victorian Bush Music Club) as recorded in Singabout.

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In 1964 Victorian Folk Music Club members Frank Pitt & Alf Cameron were at the celebration of  BMC's 10th birthday - see photos P020 & P021.

Jim Buchanan was guest at the 20th September 1970 Singabout night - see photos 13, 14 & 15.

 Singabout 1(1), p.18, Summer 1956 (January)

first mention of bush musicians in Victoria, the birth of the Billabong Band.

3(1), Summer 1958

p.9 -The  Billabong Band

p.20 - At last Singabout nights in Melbourne,
3(2), Autumn 1959

p.2 - Phillip Island & Songs (Billabongs, K.W. Vic)
3(3), Winter/spring 1959

News & Views - p.2  - Victorian Bush Music Club formed

3(4) n.d. (1959)

p. 2. Cover photo.

p.16 - Billabong band, F. Nichols, Vic

4(1), 1960

p.2 - Interstate activity - a new publication - Victorian Bush Music Club monthly, issues 1+2, 

4(2), 1961

p.2 - Victorian Bush Music Club & Folk Lore Society of Victoria publish a journal - Gumsuckers' Gazette

p.3 - The Lost Sailor by Simon McDonald

pp.4-5  Songs of Simon McDonald

p.6 The Old Man Kangaroo

p.7 The Rouseabout

p.8  New Discs - Songs of Early Victoria (Wattle),

pp. 10-11 When Jones's Ale was New - Simon McDonald,

pp.12-13 The Golden Vanity - Simon McDonald

4(3) 1961

p. 20 - Pub with no Dike upsets, letter from N. O'Connor, Folk Lore Society of Victoria
4(4), 1962

p. 4 - Some performers from Victoria

p.5 - Our Fathers Cleared the Bush - sent by Joy Durst
5(2), Oct 1964

pp.15-16 - (review) Australian Traditional Singers & Musicians of Victoria (Wattle)
6(1), 1966

p.17 - ad for Australian Tradition


History of Reedy River with photos of the original production
New Theatre Melbourne, 50 Years of New Theatre. Melbourne N.T. 1936-86, Melbourne, 1986, 54 pp.

available for distribution by creative commons licence

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John Meredith - miscellaneous photos and artifacts

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2. Title page inscribed in 1992 by John Meredith as it shows his sisters Madge, Mavis & Thelma (Chris & Virginia Woodland Collection)

3. visit to Kuringai Chase
looking for aboriginal carvings, Pam Loughlin, Merro, 2 unidentified women,1950s (supplied by  Ron Nixon, Pam's nephew)
4.  Merro's home - Forest Rd Heathcote, 1950s, (supplied by Ron Nixon)

5. Bag made by Merro for Virginia Woodland (BMC Archives)

6. Accordion with piano keys owned by Merro  (Chris Woodland photo)

7. Wedding card made by Merro for Virginia & Chris Woodland
(Chris Woodland photo)

8.  W
edding card made by Merro for Virginia & Chris Woodland (Chris Woodland photo)
source -
BMC Archives

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Saturday, 7 September 2019

From the Archives - Singabout Nights in the 50s, 60s & 70s

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Singabout nights were concert nights with invited artists & were held several times a year. They raised funds for the production of Singabout magazine.

Early guests  from Frank Maher -
Silvia Salisbury, originally accompanied by Chris Kempster and later by her husband Tom who taught himself guitar as Chris was not always available;
Coral & George Dasey, father & daughter songwriters

Denis Kevans, a reciter only in those days.

Newsletter, 1(2), Dec 1955

The First Singabout Night - 3 hour program, started with dancing to Building Workers dance band.  Next Singabout night will be 11th Feb
Singabout 1(1), January 1956, p.10,
review of December 1955 SIngabout night.
Newsletters from Dec 1955 to June 1957 are missing
Newsletter 3(1), 1957

Three more Singabout nights - Sat 28th June, Sat 5th October, Sat 7th Dec with a picnic on the following Sunday. Building Workers Hall, 535 George St,

Newsletter - 1959 Annual list

Singabout Night!! Saturday January 20th - new Venue Winns Cafeteria, next to Exchange Hotel. Special Old Timers night featuring many of the singers & musicians who gave us dances & songs. (Winns was in Oxford St Darlinghurst near Hyde Park, the Exchange Hotel is unchanged, but
Winns Cafeteria & their Department Store on the opposite side of the street were long ago replaced by multi-storied buildings.) Door takings of £1/12/6 for the 7/3/1959 Singabout was banked on 21st March.

Singabout, 4(1), 1960, Review of June 1959 Singabout night


Newsletter June 1961

Sydney Singabout Sat 20th May report by Alan Scott. Members present included Herb Gimbert, Jan James, Connie Jones, Jim Garvey & Stan Gibson. Next Singabout in August

Newsletter Oct 1961

The September Singabout night turned into a 7th birthday night with 7 cakes (not candles)

Newsletter, April 1962

Singabout night - first of the year was Sat 7th April, included a contingent from the Irish National Association who taught some dances. Next Singabout Sat 26th May.

Two Posters from red Minutes book - May 1957 & July 1967 (BMC archives)

3 posters from the Jamie Carlin collection - 1960, 1963, 1969




1.  Singabout Night at BWIU. left to right -
Wilma Bolton, Frank Maher with money tin, & Ann Maher in shawl - early 70s (Maher collection)
2. Frank Maher & Declan Affley, early 70s.
One night, back in the days when pubs shut at 10pm, members the Edinburgh Castle Folk Club arrived at the Singabout night to continue drinking & singing, & to eat BMC's lovely supper. 

Frank is telling Declan that he & Colleen Burke can come in without paying as they are performers, but everyone else pays - cost 1/- rather than the usual entry of 2/-. The folkies grumbled but paid & when the evening ended, they left all their empties behind, & were never allowed in again! (source - conversation with Frank, photo Maher Collection)

3.  BWIU hall, early 70s, centre couple Frank & Anne Maher, others unidentified 
(Maher Collection)

4.  Alex Bowker, SIngabout night, BWIU hall (BMC archives)

5.  caption: BWIU - Building 38, 1971. (error in caption? Building 38 is part of Sydney Tech College, Ultimo  (Bob Bolton photo)

6.  Singabout night, 1975, Eric Bolton (banjo), Jamie Carlin (English concertina), Frank Maher (lagerphone), Barry Collerson (banjo), Ken Greenhalgh (flute), unknown at back, Brian Loughlin (lagerphone), Graham McDonald (mandolin), John Dengate (whistle) (Bob Bolton photo)

7.   same even
(Bob Bolton photo) 

8. 1977
colour photocopy (Bob Bolton photo)

9.  Singabout night - 77062707 - BWIU Ralph Pride, Jamie Carlin, Barry Collerson, Ray"Skippy"
(Bob Bolton photo)

10.  Singabout night - 77062710 - BWIU - Irish Dancers
(Bob Bolton photo)

11. Caption on envelope which held 8 photos, 7 were identified as BWIU hall. It is likely there were originally more photos in the envelope.

12.  Bob's stamp

13.  59A-24, John Dengate, Alex Bowker,Jim Buchanan VFMC, Dale  Dengate, BWIU
(Bob Bolton photo)

14. 59A-27, Eric Bolton, John Dengate, Alex Bowker, Jim Buchanan VFMC, Dale Dengate,  BWIU
(Bob Bolton photo)
15.  caption on 59-A27

16.  106-13BB-John & Dale Dengate - BWIU (Bob Bolton photo)

17. 106-17, Dave Small, Ken Greenhalgh, John Dengate, Eric Bolton,Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts - BWI
U (Bob Bolton photo)

18.  106-20, Dave Small, Ken Greenhalgh, Eric Bolton, Silvia &Tom Salisbury, Alan Scott - BWIU  (Bob Bolton photo)

19. A20 - John Dengate waiting in the wings, Singabout night, BWIU hall (Bob
Bolton photo)

20.  106-32, Dave Small, young boy watching from behind the piano, BWIU. (Bob Bolton photo)

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