Saturday, 12 May 2018

Who are these Bushwhackers?

Back in the 1980s, long before the Internet made searching so easy, the editors of an Australian folk magazine could ask this question, not realising at least 2 of the members in this band were regular contributors to their magazine.

Stringybark & Greenhide, 5(4), c.1985

The question was answered by Bob Bolton in the following issue.

In 2012 Bob supplied further information (email, 24/1/12)
Left to right : Chris Kempster (guitar) / John Meredith (button accordion) / Alex Hood (bones) / Harry Kay (mouthorgan) / Alan Scott [obscured] (whistle) Jack Barrie (bush bass) & Cecil Grivas (lagerphone). ... The 'carpet-slipper, visible between Chris & John, is probably on the injured foot of Brian Loughlin ... who would normally be standing up and playing the lagerphone!

Stringybark & Greenhide, 6(1)

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