Friday, 12 January 2018

Noel Ricketts Collection

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Thanks to Noel for sharing his collection

1.  Ken Greenhalagh, John Dengate, Elaine Thornhill, Jamie Carlin, Noel Ricketts (before 1982 when Bank of NSW was renamed Westpac)

2.  Noel & the late Gary Bryant, Wild Colonial Days Society Ball, mid 60s


4.  Wilma Bolton, Elaine Thornhill, Noel, Dave, John Dengate's back, Jamie Carlin,
Ken Greenhalagh, Frank Maher - Cremorne Shopping Centre  - late 60s?


Concert Party at Cremorne - Wilma Bolton, Elaine Wood? behind Noel, back view of Eric Bolton, Jamie Carlin, Ken Greenhalagh, Dave with guitar, John Dengate - late 60s

7.  Wilma Bolton & lagerphone in front of side curtain, Jamie Carlin,
Ken Greenhalagh, John Dengate, Eric Bolton


9.  Wilma Bolton in front of side curtain, Ken Greenhalagh, John Dengate, Jamie Carlin, Eric Bolton


11. Noel Ricketts mid 1960s

12.  Eric Bolton, Ken Greenhalagh, Elaine Wood (nee) Thornhill. Noel Ricketts, John Dengate


14.  Wilma & lagerphone in front of side curtain, Ken Greenhalagh, Jamie Carlin, John Dengate, Noel Ricketts, Eric Bolton

16.  Concert Party - Frank Maher (bush bass), Eric Bolton (banjo), John Dengate (guitar), Wilma Bolton (lagerphone), Eileen Wood (singer), Dave with guitar, Noel (mouth organ).

front - Jamie Carlin (concertina), Ken Greenhalagh (flute).

17.  Concert Party at Abercrombie Caves - John Dengate, Frank Maher, Noel, Elaine Thornhill, Jamie Carlin, Dale Dengate, Ken Greenhalagh, Eric Bolton.

18.  Noel, Dale Dengate, Elaine Thornhill,
John Dengate's back, Jamie Carlin (seated), Ken Greenhalagh (flute), Eric Bolton, Frank Maher singing - Abercrombie Caves


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