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2 song folios sent to BMC by Western Australian member L G Mongomery, aka Sandgroper in 1969.

In April 1969 BMC received a letter from a Western Australian member, L.G. Montgomery containing 2 folios of Australian ballads.

We have two Moondyne Joe folios in our archives, one has a black cover, the other a green cover. Both folios contain The Wildflower Songsheet, & the black one also includes the Ned Kelly songsheet.


Item in our May 1969 Newsletter about this correspondence.


Article in our July 1969 Newsletter

Review by Editor Dale Dengate


2 extracts from Victorian Folk Music Club's Australian Tradition, December 1969, giving the source of this folio as the Perth Bush Music Club.

Australian Tradition, no.21, Dec 69, p28

Australian Tradition, no.21, Dec 69 p17.

Google does not recognise the Perth Bush Music Club, and the WA State library does not either, although it has copies of the Moondyne Joe & The Wildflower Songsheet, both with incomplete citations.

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