Sunday, 23 July 2017

Reedy River @ the Henry Lawson Festival at Como, Sunday 9th July 2017

Como Henry Lawson Appreciation Group Inc celebrates the 150th Birthday of Henry Lawson


Produced by Tony Guyot,
Musical Direction Deb Jones,
AM/D & Band Leader Patrick Harte.

Script adapted by Tony Guyot 

Pro Hart illustration to Reedy River
taken from Poems of Henry Lawson.
Producer Tony Guyot talking to Frank Maher who appeared in the 1963 Sydney production of Reedy River.

Ann & Frank Maher

back - Frank Bulgin, Alex & Julie Bishop, front - Frank Maher, Mike Young

Bill Scott, son of founders Gay & Alan Scott. Alan appeared in the first Sydney production of Reedy River.

Annette Dwight & Beth Cambridge

Producer Tony Guyot

Shearers camp

Ballad of 1891


The Internationale

(Sandra Nixon photos)

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  1. just wondering if the illustration of the Reedy River by PRO HART was a real painting or a print?