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Once upon a time BMC was part of a parade ...

Thanks to Don Richmond, Wendy Richmond, Colin Fong, Sharyn Mattern & Mike Young who identified the event & provided names of participants.

Parramatta Heritage Week Parade, 29th October 1988

Mulga Wire, no.69, October 1988, page 4.

1. Preparation - Michelle Krist (later Bolliger), Colin Coles

2. Bob Foggin (fiddler), Alison Coles, Donna McLaren, Geoff/Jeff Barrett aka Sparkie

3.Terry Durman

4. Bob Foggin

5. Don Richmond & Bob Foggin

6. Bob Bolton, Bob Foggin, Eric Eisler, Don Richmond

7. Alison Coles,
Alita Tanswell, Bob Foggin, Colin Coles


Front at left - Don Richmond, Terry Durman, RosJinks, Michelle Krist (later Bolliger.)
Back - Alison & Colin Coles, Alita Tanswell, Linda Scott, Pauline Cambourne, Eric Eisler, Sharyn Mattern, Donna McLaren.
Seated - Margaret Bolliger, Colin Fong. 
Bob Foggin on float.

(Sharyn Mattern photos)

9. Photo dated 29/10/88 - Sharyn Mattern & Linda Scott  (Sharyn Mattern collection)

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, page  6.

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, page  6.  (photo Greg Hiley)

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, p.7 - top photo  (photo Greg Hiley)

Mulga Wire, no. 70, Dec 1988, p.7 - bottom photo (photo Greg Hiley)

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