Friday, 30 June 2017

Bawley Point AusSongs group - Singabout & Concert Sat 22nd July 2017

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When Chris & Virginia Woodland left Sydney in 1967, they didn't leave bush music behind with Chris forming his first group soon after arriving at Mulwara!

On Monday March 11, 2013, a handful of interested people met to discuss the possibility of forming an Australian singing group. The meeting was held at the home of Chris and Virginia Woodland (early Bush Music Club members) and were joined by old folk tragiques Tim and Mariah Beckett. Due to various commitments the sessions did not begin until Monday April 22, 2013.
The venue was at the Woodland’s mud brick house in the bush inland from Termeil. The site was adjacent to a eucalyptus forest and overlooked the Southern Ocean about 7 as-the-crow-flies kilometres away, an idyllic setting where the group were often joined by various songbirds and a very appreciative frog that croaked his accompaniment from the verandah guttering!

John Meredith, Virginia & Chris Woodland (Woodland collection)

The first gathering consisted of but 3 members – Col Keating, Mariah Beckett and Chris Woodland. The following week 6 people turned up and while the sessions could not be held every week, the numbers grew with a constant 7 or 8 in attendance each week. Long-time attendees included two sisters, Margaret McIntosh and Kathy Dullard (vocals), Mariah (vocals & guitar) and Tim Beckett (vocals), John Rushton (vocals, ukulele & banjo ukulele), Col Keating (vocals), Rosemary Milton (vocals) and Chris Woodland (vocals & mouth organ). In 2016 we were fortunate to be joined by Pete Hobson, a very experienced stringed instrument player and vocalist. Pete has played with many groups over the years, including Ulick O’Boyle’s The Settlers.

We eventually called the group AusSongs, which evolved naturally from my abbreviation of ‘Aust. Songs’ on the odd time that I had to commit the group to paper. I have been asking for suggestions for another suitable name, but none have surfaced as yet. Though we could not call ourselves the Bush Music Club (I am a life member of the BMC and the the Becketts are also members), perhaps we should call ourselves ‘AusSongs – a group  of the Bush Music Club’?

The group has introduced good, but little known Australian ballads to the general run of songs, such as At the Melting of the Snow (Paterson/Cheney), As Leichhardt Saw it Then (Buck Taylor), Mulwala (Clem Parkinson), Murrumbidgee (Ian McDougall) and others.

So far we have run 3 folks concerts – one, an all-Australian concert held last March – and they have all been well received by audiences. The venue we use is in a wonderful setting: the Cockatoo Room - a conference room at Bawley Bush Cottages near Bawley Point. The venue is beside a lake and is in a superb bush setting. Our next concert is to be held there on Saturday July 22nd.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Report on Music @ Morisset 2017 - Bob Murray's photos.

Frank & Ann Maher were members of Concert Party in the early 60s & are still playing their original instruments, bones & lagerphone.
  (Bob Murray photo)

Pete Cahill, coordinator of the weekend, enjoying the music.
  (Bob Murray photo)

Ray Mulligan (ACT), Bush Traditions & National Folk Festival Settler Sessions coordinator

  (Bob Murray photo)

Dennis McKay
  (Bob Murray photo)

Tony Romeo with his old lagerphone
  (Bob Murray photo)

Rick Hull & Chris Poleson
  (Bob Murray photo)

Doug Richardson & Darri Adamson
  (Bob Murray photo)

George Bolliger & Linda 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Camp in Morisset Showground
  (Bob Murray photo)

Helen Romeo with bones
  (Bob Murray photo)

Percussion workshop 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Frank Maher & Ralph Pride, percussion workshop 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Ann Maher, Pete Cahill, Graham, creator of road kill soup! 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Doug Vincent, BrianFreeman, Frank & Ann Maher 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Doug Richardson, Rick Hull, Dave Johnson, Chris Poleson 
  (Bob Murray photo)
Dave Johnson, Chris Poleson, Mark Poleson  
  (Bob Murray photo) 

Chris Poleson
  (Bob Murray photo)

Doug Richardson 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Pete Cahill 
  (Bob Murray photo)

Dave Mois & Allen Davis   (Bob Murray photo)

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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Another anniversary - 40 years of Mulga Wire, June 1977 to June 2017

The editors of the first issue were Bob Bolton, Ralph Pride & Dave Johnson. They produced 12 very full pages of articles, news & a description of BMCs purpose.

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Sunday, 18 June 2017

Once upon a time BMC was part of a parade ...

Thanks to Don Richmond, Wendy Richmond, Colin Fong, Sharyn Mattern & Mike Young who identified the event & provided names of participants.

Parramatta Heritage Week Parade, 29th October 1988

Mulga Wire, no.69, October 1988, page 4.

1. Preparation - Michelle Krist (later Bolliger), Colin Coles

2. Bob Foggin (fiddler), Alison Coles, Donna McLaren, Geoff/Jeff Barrett aka Sparkie

3.Terry Durman

4. Bob Foggin

5. Don Richmond & Bob Foggin

6. Bob Bolton, Bob Foggin, Eric Eisler, Don Richmond

7. Alison Coles,
Alita Tanswell, Bob Foggin, Colin Coles


Front at left - Don Richmond, Terry Durman, RosJinks, Michelle Krist (later Bolliger.)
Back - Alison & Colin Coles, Alita Tanswell, Linda Scott, Pauline Cambourne, Eric Eisler, Sharyn Mattern, Donna McLaren.
Seated - Margaret Bolliger, Colin Fong. 
Bob Foggin on float.

(Sharyn Mattern photos)

9. Photo dated 29/10/88 - Sharyn Mattern & Linda Scott  (Sharyn Mattern collection)

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, page  6.

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, page  6.  (photo Greg Hiley)

Mulga Wire, no.70, Dec 1988, p.7 - top photo  (photo Greg Hiley)

Mulga Wire, no. 70, Dec 1988, p.7 - bottom photo (photo Greg Hiley)

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