Sunday, 30 April 2017

Music at Morisset - 26th-28th May 2017

The Bush Music Club is to hold another weekend of Australian Bush Music in songs and tunes between Friday 26 and Sunday 28 May 2017 in the Morisset Showground.
Enquiries -  Peter Cahill - 9576 7330 or 0421 256 030

If you like to sing, play an instrument and/or recite, this is the place for you!

The event is designed to encourage people of all ages to participate in a fun weekend of bush tunes, songs (old and new) plus Australian folklore generally.

As the Morisset Showground has several buildings, there is room to have performances of songs separate from tune players. The idea is that people can move from one area to another to enjoy and, if so desired, perform in the various forms of entertainment. There will be a blackboard session for those willing to reveal their talents to the audience and these performances are always enjoyable.

Food will be available on site and there are local shops close by in town. BYO drinks.

Further details on our Facebook page  and website
Tickets are available online for Music at Morisset. Buy online and save $25 for your ticket and $25 a night for a powered site is great value for a weekend of music. Unpowered site $20 per night.

Gate prices $30 weekend & $15 Day

Bring the kids, free entry with a paying adult. Many sessions are suitable for beginner & intermediate musicians, including young musicians!
Saplings is an exciting initiative of the Bush Music Club which encourages young musicians (8-16 years) to come together and play Australian collected tunes and songs. All children are welcome to come to these sessions which cater for all levels of musicianship. Workshops will be held allover the weekend. Saplings enquiries - Helen 4297 5128



Pictures from 2016 Morisset weekend here and here


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Friday, 21 April 2017

Report on Bob Bolton's Lifetime Achievement Award, NFF17

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Award made by Woodcraft Guild, ACT, photo by Chris Woodland

here were 2 displays of Bob Bolton's photos at this year's NFF in honour of his Lifetime Achievement Award.

Bob was an official photographer for the National for many years and Graham McDonald of NFF Board created a display using images from BMC and NFF archives.

A display of Bob's dance photos was a popular attraction in the Coorang with dancers providing identifications of some of the people in the photos. Check out the links for the updated captions. Further updates are welcome via email

A selection of Bob Bolton's photos taken at Bush Music Club's 1983 Heritage Ball

A selection of Bob Bolton's dance photos taken at Festivals, 1993 to 2002

Bob was unable to be at NFF when the award was presented so Chris Woodland accepted it & handed it over the next day.

ob Bolton - Chris Woodland photo

Pat & Bob Bolton - Chris Woodland photo


Bob and Pat @ NFF17.

ob Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

ob Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

Bob & Pat Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo

Pat Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo
Dance display - Sandra Nixon photo
Bob & dance display - Sandra Nixon photo
Pat Bolton - Sandra Nixon photo


Bob & Pat Bolton, Chris Woodland & Graham McDonald with NFF display. (Sandra Nixon photos)

Photos - Sandra Nixon 


Early members with Secretary

Ann Maher (1960), Jenny Loughlin (born in the early days of BMC to founder members Brian & Pam Loughlin), Chris Woodland (early 60s), Sandra Nixon, Frank Maher (arrived 1955, joined a year later)   (Photo - Virginia Woodland)

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Saturday, 8 April 2017

A selection of Bob Bolton's photos taken at Bush Music Club's 1983 Heritage Ball

6th April 1983, this was our third Heritage Ball& like the first & second was organised by Helen Romeo and was held in Sydney Town Hall. 

for further photos from this ball see  Bob Bolton collection - A selection of photos from the 1983 Heritage Ball displayed at the 2018 Heritage Ball

1. Filling in Dance cards
  2. Helen Brain.

3.  Group from above 

4.Unidentified woman in white, Frank Moore, Wendy Richmond in yellow, Heather Clarke in red,

5. Dancers facing partners in a large circle.


(All photos by Bob Bolton from BMC Archives)

  Thanks to dancers at the 2017 National who identified people in the photos.


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Friday, 7 April 2017

A selection of Bob Bolton's dance photos taken at Festivals, 1993 to 2002.

Heather Clarke has organised a small display of Bob's photos for the main dance venue at the National Folk Festival.

1.  NFF 2006 -Belly Dancing workshop

2. NFF 2006 - Ball -

 3.  Australian Folk Festival at Kiama 1997 - Dancing in the park

4.  Australian Folk Festival at Kiama 1997 - Ball- Gabrielle Mackay

5. Australian Folk Festival at Kiama 1997 - Pauline Cambourne & Barbara Court

6. Australian Folk Festival at Kiama 1997 -  Herb Lippmann & daughters Natalie & Tanya.

7. NFF 1993 - Bruce Lemin & partner
8. NFF 1993 - Ball
9.  30th NFF 1996 - Dance

10. 30th NFF 1996 - Dance with Wongawilli - caller Graham Murray, Dave de Santi on piano accordion, & dancer Margo Hitchcock (sp?)

11. NFF 1994 - Lisa & Anthony Simon

12. NFF 1994 - Grand March
13. NFF 1994 - Wongawilli - Glad Baggets display - 
L-R. Sylvia McMullan, Bev Murray, Monica Sinnott, Gordon Tuckey, Peter Tecles, Norman Burke, Des Miller (back) David de Santi

14. NFF 1994 - Wongawilli - Glad Baggets display
15. NFF 2000 - What a drag
16. 35th NFF 2001 - Dance display

17. 35th NFF 2001 - Dance display by Virmalised - Northern Lights Estonian Folk Dancers from Sydney
18. 35th NFF 2001 - Dance display
19. 35th NFF 2001 - Ball

20. 35th NFF 2001 - Ball

21. 35th NFF 2001 - Ball- Lance Green & Gabrielle Mackay with 18 month old son Tynan Green.
22. 35th NFF 2001 - Dance display

23.  NFF 2002 - Dave Johnson + Lexie Pride
24.  NFF 1997 - Dancing in the Session Bar- Corralie Colins + Lance Green (blue shirt) , Wayne Blandford (right)
25. NFF 1997 - Dance
26. NFF 1997 - Dance

27. NFF 2001 - Margaret & Bill Winnett

28. NFF 2002 - Ball

29. NFF 2002 - Ball - Ian & Alison McPhail (sp?)

30. NFF 2002 - Claire Stoneman + John Herat (sp?)

(photos by Bob Bolton, source BMC Archives)


 thanks to people at the National who identified dancers.

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