Saturday, 25 July 2015

Yvonne O'Grady collection - photos from Yvonne's album

Thanks to Yvonne for searching out old photos & scanning them. As always, identification of people in the photos is welcome.


Alan Scott, Keith McKenry, Brisbane 1992

Jacko Kevans, Gulgong 1993

Dale Dengate, no date
Dengates in bed, no date

Alan Scott, Keith McKenry & Danny Spooner, NFF Malaney, 1989

John Dengate, Brisbane 1993
Keith McKenry & Alan Scott, Brisbane 1993
Len Neary, Chris Kempster & Alison Jones, in Yvonne's backyard, Kiama, 60th birthday party for Bob McInnis
BMC at Parramatta Park, mid 80s
Session at the Hut, mid 80s. Bob Bolton on left,

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