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Reports on launches of Keith McKenry's biography of John Meredith

Review by Dr Jennifer Gall in Sydney Morning Herald, 3rd October, 2013.


The initial launch was held at Dulwich Hill in conjunction with the Bush Music Club. Launches were also held at a number of festivals & clubs around the country.

available from Rosenberg Publishing

Among the 50 people at the launch were an original Bushwhacker (Alex Hood, with his wife Annette), the sons of the late Bushwhacker Alan Scott and his wife Gay, both founder members (Bill & Ashley), a grandson of Duke Tritton (Chris McLean), 2 close-to-foundation member from the 50s (Jamie Carlin & Frank Maher) and a group of members from the 50s-60s (Ronda Carlin, Ann Maher, Barbara & George Gibbons.)

Annette & Alex Hood

Early members (middle) - Ronda & Jamie Carlin, George & Barbara Gibbons, Ann & Frank Maher


Back - Jamie & Ronda Carlin, front - George & Barbara Gibbons

Keith & Alex

Frank Maher

Tom Bridges, son of Helen Bridges who wrote the tune for Ballad of 1891.

John Derum

Other esteemed guests were Tom Bridges, the son of Doreen Bridges composer of the music to Ballad of 1891, Gabrielle Mackey from the National Folk Festival, & Mark Cranfield from the National Library.

The book was launched by John Derum, & entertainment was provided by Wongawilli, Alex Hood and Martin Faulding. 

Decoration was provided by 3 timeworn old display boards & BMC's 2 banners made by Dale Dengate in 1969 & 2012.

Keith showed a grainy copy of the only movie the Bushwhackers made, a trilogy of 3 short film - Three in One by  Cecil Holmes   They appeared in the first story which was based on Henry Lawson's classic short story, The Union Buries it's Dead.



Concert organised by Keith McKenry to lunch the book at Turning Wave Festival, Yass, September 2014

Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves

  Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves 

 Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves


 Mike Martin & Roger Hargraves

 Chloe & Jason Roweth, Mike Martin

Roger Hargraves

  Coolfin Mac

 Dingo's Breakfast

 Dingo's Breakfast

 Roaring Forties

 Roaring Forties

   Roaring Forties

 Keith with portrait of John Meredith

Mike Martin 

Keith McKenry & The Possum Republic (possums lived in John Meredith's roof)

(all photos Sandra Nixon)

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