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From the Archives - Singabout Nights in the 60s (& they were probably not much different in the 50s)

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We have 2 Singabout folders in Archives -
The rust coloured folder is an original folder owened by BMC which was used for Singabout & club nights in the 60s, & was identified by Ralph Pride who was there.  

The folders contained issues of Singabout & other small publications - Songs from the Kelly Country, Songs of Lawson & Songs of the Shearers & were used to teach songs

The blue covered folder was the property of Arthur Dearn, and donated by his widow Marilyn Dearn.

Two Posters from red Minutes book - May 1957 & July 1967


3 posters from the Jamie Carlin collection - 1960, 1963, 1969




1.  BMC Singabout book -





6.  Singabout Night at BWIU same night as photo of Frank and Declan. Ann in shawl, Frank with money tin & Wilma Bolton-  early 70s (Maher collection)
7. Frank Maher & Declan Affley, early70s  (Maher collection)

8.  BWIU early 70s (Maher Collection)
Bob Bolton photos

9.  1971  - caption BWIU - Building 38 (which is part of Sydney Tech college) 

10. Singabout night - 1975-Eric Bolton (banjo), Jamie Carlin (English concertina), Frank Maher (lagerphone), Barry Collerson (banjo), Ken Greenhalgh (flute), unknown at back, Brian Loughlin (lagerphone), Graham McDonald (mandolin), John Dengate (whistle)
11.Singabout Night
13. 1977

15.-Singabout night - 77062707 - BWIU Ralph Pride, Jamie Carlin, Barry Collerson, Ray"Skippy"

16.  Singabout night - 77062710 - BWIU - Irish Dancers

Newsletter - 1959 Annual list

Singabout Night!! Saturday January 20th - new Venue Winns Cafeteria, next to Exchange hotel. Special Old Timers night - featuring many of the singers & musicians who gave us dances & songs.


Newsletter June 1961

Sydney Singabout Sat 20th May report by Alan Scott. Members present included Herb Gimbert, Jan James, Connie Jones, Jim Garvey & Stan Gibson. Next Singabout in Augus
Newsletter Oct 1961

The Sept Singabout night turned into a 7th birthday night with 7 cakes (not candles)

Newsletter, April 1962

Singabout night - first of the year was Sat 7th April, included a contingent from Irish National Association who taught some dances. Next Singabout Sat 26th May.

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Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Duke's Place with Ian Hamilton who presents Poems which became songs, Friday 11th October, 2019, 7.30 for 8pm start

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Bush Music Club  
Tritton Hall, Hut 44
Addison Road Centre
142 Addison Road, Marrickville

Ian appeared at Dukes in 2014 as Narrator of The Ballad of the Heathcote Bushwhackers

Ian was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1947 and arrived in Australia with his family in 1961. His introduction to Australian poetry began with his first English class at Berkeley High School taught by Neil Morrison, a self-confessed enthusiast for Australian Poetry and song. Ian took part in a performance of Reedy River, directed by Neil in Dapto in 1965.
Working as a Director and Producer in Television for WINTV, Channel 9 Sydney, as a freelance producer and finally for 17 years at SBS Television, where he managed, on a voluntary basis, the SBS Youth Orchestra. He then went on for 7 years, to become the Director of a TAFE Institute (OTEN).

While he worked in many different roles over the years, Ian wrote many songs based on poetry (especially the poems of Henry Lawson). These were originally written for his personal pleasure but several were performed with the Loosely Woven group. During that time, he was asked by several poets to adapt poems to song.
Ian has no formal musical training and develops each song ‘in his head’ before using musical notation software to create a score playable by other musicians and accompanists. The tunes often evolve over time as he tries to amplify the meaning behind each poem.
In this performance he will focus on poems of Henry Lawson before a break. He will then present some ‘other poems’ written by more contemporary poets, several of which were transformed into song at the request of the poet.
Ian will accompany himself on Guitar for which he begs your indulgence since this is another musical area where he is self-taught.

Aims of the Bush Music Club, as given in the Editorial in Singabout 1(1) January 1956 -  to popularise Australian folk song and to encourage the composition of a new kind of song - one that is traditional in style but contemporary in theme.

Duke's Place, 2nd Fridays February to December, 7.30 for 8pm start - concert is followed by a session.

$10, BYOG and a contribution for supper  

enquiries Sandra 9358 4886

Map of Addison Road Centre  Park in the carpark and follow the path on the right side of the big hall - the Hut is across the grass, decorated with dancers & musicians.

Duke's Place, named after our honoured early member Harold 'Duke' Tritton (1886-1965), is the place to go once a month for a great night of Australian songs in concert and session. Duke was a powerful singer who supplied BMC with many songs he had learnt in his younger days while working as a shearer and at other bush jobs. He was also a songwriter and poet giving us songs that have entered the tradition such as Sandy Hollow Line and Shearing in the Bar.  ************************************************************************************************ *************************************************************************************************

Sunday, 1 September 2019

From the Archives - The Songs They Sang and the Dance Tunes They Played at the Old Time Bush Dances and other Material, Parts One and Two

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The Songs They Sang and the Dance Tunes They Played at the Old Time Bush Dances  Compiled by P. J. Gresser, 1962-1966. The original is a 75 page manuscript in Gresser papers in the State Library of NSW.

On two occasions in 1965 BMC members visited Mr Gresser & Mrs Colley.

The first visit was by Alan Scott & Barbara & George Gibbons, the second by Alan, Jamie Carlin & John Robertson as the first collecting visit had gone well.

Unfortunately Mrs Colley told her relatives about the proposed visit, and some of them gathered in her home, talking & interrupted the recording which was abandoned. See scan no. 14 (page 72 in the mss) for details of the afternoon

A selection of scans describing this manuscript.

1. Cover of Part 1

2.  Cover of part 1, page 2

3.  Cover of Part 2

4.  Cover of part 2, page 2

5.  Page 1 Introduction

  Page 2 Introduction  

7.  P
age 3 Introduction

8. P
age 4 Introduction

9.  P
age 5 Index

10.  P
age 6 Index.

11.  Page 7

12.  Page 8

13.  Page 69

14.  Page 70

15.  Page 71

16.   Page 72

17.  Page 73

18.  page 74

19. page 75

A pdf of the Gresser mss,
created by Dave Johnson is also available in Archives.

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Wednesday, 28 August 2019

From the Archives - How the "anonymous folk song" My Old Black Billy came to be in Reedy River.

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Biography of Edward Phillip Harrington (1895-1966) by Hugh Anderson in Australian Dictionary of Biography refers to this article.

Frank Hardy tells how he met Harrington after the song had been added to Reedy River. 


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Monday, 26 August 2019

Photos from 6th John Dengate Memorial Get Together, August 2019

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Photos © Sandra NixonSales of this new booklet raised $121 for cancer research -


2.  Max & Leyne


4.  Anita & Peter Mace with Dale

5.  The Pukes (Pymont Ukes)

6.  Pukes fans



9. Peter Mace


11. Kerith Power & Dale Dengate




15. Jennifer Lees

16. Lachlan's famous suitcase



19. Sean & Cal


21. Paddy Manning & Lachlan

22. Seamus Gill

23. Sean & Max





28.  Peter Russell





33. Roy & Max Elbourne


35. Sean, Dale




39. Max & The Guilty Three


41. Max's new song



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